Saturday, December 3, 2011

Take Heed!

Peter: Lost my good friend Herbie on Thursday, when the car he was riding in rolled over due to ice on the road. Herbie was a 9mo. old Australian Shepherd. After being injured in the crash Herbie took off into the swamp. It's winter here now so his chances of survival are not good. Driving with your dog? Crate him/her and strap the crate in or get one of the new seatbelts for your dog you will never regret it.

Sunday: After the crash the daughter of our friend Linda, Herbies owner, took the pair of Linda's trousers the medics cut up at the crash and a bowl of dog food out to the crash site hoping Herbie would smell them and return. It worked. Herbie was seen Friday evening near the food and clothing and was recovered. He was wet and stiff and hesitant to come even for his owner but came when he recognized his friend Taz, another shepherd. Welcome home Herbie!

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Mom said...

Good news! Herbie found his way home and is OK.