Sunday, May 23, 2010

LZ Lambeau

What an event! As Mary and I were leaving I said, "I am sure this event changed some vets lives." It was very emotional for us. Most of the people we saw, vets and wives, vets and children. vets and grandchildren were our age. The large map in the Lambeau parking lot, was a gathering place for the vets. They found the area or areas they were in and wrote notes, memorials, or their name, dates, branch of service, and unit. It was very powerful watching them on their hands and knees touching and tracing the areas on this huge vinyl map. Mary wrote Ed's name as he was in Viet Nam in the Navy. He died 5 years ago as a result of his exposure to asbestos during the war. The Moving Wall (a replica of the wall the one in Washington D.C.) was also a place where vets and family left notes or memories. Whoooh. There were programs, speakers, displays, music, food, etc. At night, Lambeau Field and Stadium was the location of a program thanking and welcoming home the Viet Nam Vets. It was amazing. Larry Philips was on the big jumbo tron screen in Lambeau performing the Empty Table Ceremony. Hey Larry, I saw you! That was after a motorcycle ride from La Crosse (over 1000) riders to Green Bay.
Fly overs, planes, helicopters, all very cool. There was a chair on the playing field for every Wisconsin Vet who died in Viet Nam-over 1200. White chairs in straight rows-very poignant.
At the end, Governor Doyle spoke and introduced a vet who had been in Viet Nam all the way through to Iraq. He had just come home from his last tour-60 years old. As a welcome to him, he was National Guard, the Wisconsin National Guard marched in through the tunnel where the football players do. They just kept marching in and in and in. They surrounded the field! They were dressed in their camo and berets. To look them in the eye (we were in the 6th row from the field) was emotional.
My ride on a Harley Davidson Motor cycle is another story!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Camera

We purchased a new camera this week-arrived on Thursday. No booklet of directions, only on a disc. I will have to do some studying tonight. Mary and I are going to LZ Lambeau tomorrow and tomorrow night-the tribute to Viet Nam Vets at the Packer Stadium. I am looking forward to it. Perhaps I will have some new pictures tomorrow!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hilltop Restaurant Cinnamon Roll - L'Anse

Were these ever good? Or just special because they were from L'Anse?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

U.P. Eh?

Rain Delay: rain in the UP is slowing the progress on a major concrete pour in Marinette, WI. The excavator said Wednesday but has been a no show so far (1:00 PM) . This afternoon I'll be going to the wake of a friend who was killed in a car accident last Friday. The day is slipping away. Yesterday 3 Hr. refresher course for Michigan Builders License in Escanaba. Totally boring! On the way home we stopped near Carney, MI to look for mushrooms but took ramps instead. The whole area is a carpet of them. I couldn't believe my eyes. It's kind of like picking strawberries, hard to quit. French Ramp Soup for supper. Got Gas? Back to work after a pause to get the book Lunatic Express.

Madison Wedding Ring

A picture in front of the store where they bought the wedding rings.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pictures to keep Jana entertained in the Gulf

Jana - it looks like you may be able to view the blog, eh? From time to time there is a visitor that indicates, Chesapeake, VA. I'm assuming that's you.

Here are some pictures to keep it interesting. How is everything going down in the Gulf? Is it worse than you thought? Do you have your camera to take pictures?

Random lunch-time photo opp.

Gross stuff under and behind the stove.
Bill excited to use the Netipot for the first time.
Bill's special protective biking gear so he doesn't break his knees.

Camera Recommendations

  • Choose one that doesn't have that goofy sliding front thing that you use to turn on and off the camera.

  • Choose one that uses the same type of memory stick and USB cord that yours uses.

  • Emily says:
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    Sunday, May 9, 2010

    Mother's Day Weekend

    We had fun "rummaging" as they say in New Holstein yesterday as the Annual New Holstein Rummage Sale weekend occurred. Cold and rainy on Friday, but just cold on Saturday. We got some good buys, but can't add any pictures until we get the prognosis on our broken camera and/or purchase another. Any suggestions? We also hiked at Ledge View Nature Center-the Annual Mothers' Day event. Nice guide named Ron told us all about the wildflowers at the park. Sunny day finally. We harvested the rhubarb from the back yard in NH and made a really really good pie! Dad made a big pot of pork green chili for burritos. Oh, forgot-we had a Friday night fish fry at Badger Creek Golf Course just up the hill from our house...good perch.

    Saturday afternoon we also went to the Fiber Art Day at a local farm. They had weavers, and spinners, jewelry makers, sheep, lamb, etc. food, and demonstrations, and wild asparagus hunting along the RR tracks south of New Holstein. We found about a pound, even though someone else beat us to the spot earlier. We are having a cook out tonight with steak, fresh asparagus, red potatoes, salad, and rhubarb pie.

    It was nice to talk to my mother today in Iowa-she will be 90 years old in June. And, wonderful to be a mother today of four grown up and great daughters: Emily in Colorado Springs, Haley in Marquette, Michigan , Jana in Mobile, Alabama and the Gulf on the Coast Guard Cutter Cypress (cleaning up the oil spill) and Jesse in Athens, Ohio.

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    How I keep myself busy!

    I am doing the cutting and folding. My kindergartners will glue the flowers on and decorate tomorrow.

    The folding and cutting project for my kindergartners!

    On Wisconsin! Go Badgers!

    A view of Lake Mendota from the Terrace

    Almost the end of the tulips

    Emily found the coffee too!

    Food, plants, art, and people!

    Beautiful day!

    Lots of people!

    Talking to Jana and getting ready to walk The Capitol .

    Chocolate is good!

    Hmmmm what to choose! Peter and Emily

    Premium ice cream at the Union

    Babcock Hall in Madison, home of the best ice cream in Wisconsin. Haley and Bill "shared" a cone!

    Eric's friend Jeff at the Farmer's Market

    We called Jesse and found out that Eric had a friend that baked near Madison. They happened to have a spot at the market in Madison. We stopped to tell him hi from Athens, Ohio and Junebug and he gave us a loaf of his best bread! Thank you, Jeff! It was moist and wonderful.

    Kamut bread from the farmer's market in Madison

    The bread from Jesse and Eric's Baker friend

    Pizza night