Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes, we have come a long way

We've come a long way

Downstairs bathroom fully functioning-temporary shower stall

Cold air exchanges covered

Electric covers on and all electric completed

Haley and Emily in Marinette Memorial Day

Basement bedroom ready to finish

Wind power up close

Emily checking out the turbines and reporting to Haley

Wind Turbines near our home

Emily comes from Colorado Springs

Emily has some decorating pointers and some Do's and Don'ts.

Sleep in day tomorrow

The inspector gave us the OK and we will be sleeping at 2026 on Friday night! The last 4 safety issues are done so we can puts some beds together and call it home sweet home! Emily and Jon will be staying with us after the Brewer game as they will be heading back to Colorado Springs.
Ellen and Joe's wedding is in Door County tomorrow.

I am having the city get the water softener going tomorrow morning, finalize our loan at the bank, and have an estimate for installing the wood floors. Trim work and a few doors, tile, some paint and carpet in the basement and it will be looking good. Screen porch and concrete work is ahead.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Front porch almost done

The front porch is just like I had imagined it to be. Roofing and stonework around the pillars is next. We have had lots of positive comments about the house. Now that the cedar shakes are on, and the porch, it looks great. The inspector came last night and we will be cleared to move in and finish up the work in about a week. The electrician needs to finish up some exposed wiring issues, we need to put address numbers on the house, the cold air exchanges need to be covered, and the smoke alarms need the plastic removed. We were very happy that these items were quick fixes. Even our temporary "barrier" for the stairwell passed. I can't wait until it is as it is intended. When the wood floors are down, it will look wonderful. Screens and window dividers are necessary very soon.

Night Light

Front door and new light fixtures

Ceiling fan-there are three

More fixtures in

The fixture in the front entryway

The temporary bannister and wall

The electrician at work

Brandon's last day-the front porch

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beautiful blossoms of spring

The orchard behind our house is so beautiful right now. It will be a beautiful sight as well when Brandon and crew build the front porch this week and Dean Sixel's electricians finish up inside.

Pears soon to come

Our house from the orchard

The other view

Ask Bill how he got caught behind the freezer and how he got out.

The steps had to go first

Haley and Bill arrive from Marquette

Bill and Haley helped finish off the drywalling in the basement. Haley and I cleaned up the yard and created a rock border. I have a few stiff muscles today.

Our backyard apple trees are in bloom

The aroma is terrific.

Why the wall must go!

Say good-bye to this wall

I love my new Kohler sink

Instant herb garden

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey Jana , See you made it to Cape May. Dad 7:45 P.M.

May, 14

Ray and Brian came today to work on plumbing in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. We now have a functioning kitchen sink and a sink and toilet that work downstairs. The shower downstairs needs a little more wall installation and then it too will be in order. Water for the shower will come from directly overhead when finished. Peter doesn't like how close the shower wall is to the stool so he plans to move it. There is also a problem with the glass blocks. You can see a yellowish color which may be a result of chemicals that they were previously stored with.

Kitchen Sink- Kohler- cast iron, we'll put a spigot for the artesian well water that we will drink in the spare hole

Ray and Brian checking out the sink cutout

Shower wall finished for now, remodel to follow

New Water Saving Kohler Toilet- no more trips to the park

Downstairs Bathroom Recycled Sink

Lone Elm- South of De Pere, WI ----May 2009

Elm, A little farther away

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exciting changes

The basil siding is complete and the cedar shakes are almost all done. I think there will be enough left to do the wall in the screen porch with the doors going into the house. That will look very cool. Good idea Brandon. It is starting to look like a real house. Brandon's crew was able to dodge the raindrops after a breakfast break at South Town here in New Holstein. They will be back next week to do the front porch. Thanks so much you all!

Ray the plumber will be here tomorrow and we will have sinks and perhaps a stool. What a luxury! We look forward to that. The shower area that Peter created looks great.

Peter talked with Andy the cabinet maker about the small door next to the pantry and making the window seat for the living room. He does wonderful work. I love all the cabinetry he has done for us.

Close up of the shakes around the front door

I am really glad we decided to put the shakes around the doorway. Thanks brother Tom for the good idea.

Another view of the front

Cedar shakes on the front

Brandon said they went on very nicely with little waste. They went on even easier than the smart siding. They missed you Jason.

The first shakes are in place

Cedar shake panels on the drying rack and all over

How the siding got dry

Waterproofing the cedar shake panels-54 pieces

Glass block from Grandmother's house in the shower

Mixing cement for the shower blocks downstairs

Painting the smart board after we needed more

Framing out the front porch

Starting on the front