Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beautiful Ohio

We spent a long weekend with Jesse and Eric in Athens Ohio. Beautiful drive from Columbus to Athens!



Zero in on the bird feeder and the squirrel's acrobatics to get the seed!

Great birdwatching from the upstairs porch!

and I made a rhubarb pie-first of the season.

Rhubarb from the farmer's market, and great flour from Junebug-yum!

Tomatoes, basil, and other herbs, and a potato!

Working on the garden-Eric and Jesse

Bridal Vale in full bloom all over Athens

The sculpture-The Family.

Those are pansies on OU campus-love em!

and Bitty.

Andrea and Leika, and yes those are Lilly of the Valley-mmmmm!

We all liked it!

Tailgate chicken party-awesome!

Hanging out on the upstairs porch-Bobo, Bitty, and Leika too.

How about some breakfast?

Great eats at the Farmer's Market in Athens

Kentucky Derby at Jackie O's in Athens, Ohio with Jesse and Junebug

Peter checking out the hot peppers at the market in Columbus, Ohio

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wood Violets at Ledge View Nature Center

Spring is trying! Nice to see the sun today, but still not very warm. Looks like this may be the week for the first mowing of the grass! Good news this week, my mother sold her house, Jana and Jared found a house in Florida and an awesome child care provider! We saw many old friends at the annual Marinette Retirement Dinner as 22 retire this year! The busy month of May begins!