Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jeff and the Great Brick Oven

There is an article online where Jeff and Cress Spring Bakery is featured in the New York Times.
Here is the article:

Here's another article:

And one more here:

Cool sign on the wall-Marquette, Michigan

The Cress Spring Bakery

Checking out the mixer

The Brick Oven

Eric checking out the bakery

Setting bowls for the bread

Want to try making some bread?

Good cookbooks that Jeff recommends

Jeff, Jesse, and JuneBug at the bakery

Cress Spring Bakery Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

Please don't drive out here to buy a loaf of bread. Jeff sells everything at the Madison Farmer's Market each Saturday.

Beautiful area about 45 minutes from Madison

Friday, July 30, 2010

The only relief from the heat-cool juicy watermelon!

State Street, Madison, Wisconsin

We did our regular routine in Madison-Bagels Forever, Babcock Hall Ice Cream, Greek Gyros, State Street with views of the Capitol. It was very hot and humid. We had rain storms all the way and tornado warnings on the way home.
The air conditioner went out, but we were able to revive it and then it finally quit. I took it in to Broadway today and got the blower switch unit replaced. Now we have defrost, fan, and air-conditioning. Whew!

Wish I could have jumped in the water!

A hot and muggy day in Madison. Relaxing on Monona Terrace.

Georgia peaches from Ohio!

They are all gone! They were juicy, running down to your elbow-juicy! Thanks Jesse and Eric!

Peter, ready for his upcoming work.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The rain pouring off the porch roof

Peter made ditches for the rain to flow through down to the sidewalk and down the street. It keeps the water from our house out of our neighbor's backyard!

Rainstorm number 766 I think!

And the wind is a blowin'

"Oh let the rain come down...

Looking out the screen porch to the North

It's pouring!

Down the peak and to the rain barrel

The screen porch table

A little sanding, some primer, some exterior weatherbeater high gloss white paint and a great table for the porch!

A free table from Elizabeth our across the street neighbor

A little color...

We put the tree outside

One of our gardens

Ground Hog Day in New Holstein

You will have to enlarge this picture to see the groundhog just to the right of the cherry tree and back in the orchard.

Current jelly for the faint of heart with seeds

Beautiful jam

Pretty easy to make currant jam

Preparing the currants for jam