Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pouring concrete steps tomorrow

Whew! Peter formed up the front steps today. He will be pouring them tomorrow morning. It is good that he has a huge concrete blanket to cover it. We should have high 30's or 40 tomorrow so all will be well. Oh, by the way we have a nice doe hanging in the garage too, that Peter shot on Saturday.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Chimney and Fireplace work

Peter caulked everything this week. The plastic is off the windows as well. The fireplace framework is in place and things are looking like a real house. We are hoping to get the gas fireplace in soon so we can get some heat in the house. It has stayed above 45 on its own.
We finalized the kitchen cabinets, pantry, living room built in cupboard and shelves and the bathroom sink stand, mirror, and cupboard. We are still waiting for the color sample from Smart Siding. I wish we had just gone ahead and ordered it. The siding would be here by now! We did a walk through with the electrician to decide where everything will be. What next?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hope this is it!

It was sunny and not windy most of the day today. I am hoping Peter got the roof almost finished. Yesterday was very hard-windy and cold. At least today is wasn't windy and the sun was out until 2:00. A gutter guy from Home Depot did an estimate yesterday for gutters. It was for 1.700 dollars-a bit much we thought. Are we being unrealistic? If the roof is done I will take some pictures. I have to get over there before dark and I am walking. More later, hopefully.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lago Vista, TX - Home for Sale

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last valley

Almost done with the roof

Roofing to do on the right

Front steps are next

Some terracing required

Future steps to the patio area

The backyard

No more big piles

Screened porch area

Topsoil in place

Nice place to park on the side and front

Rain and snow on Friday afternoon

Peter's self portrait

The end of the roofing

Peter has about three squares left on the roof! Everything looks great. The excavator came on Friday morning and spread topsoil and graded the site. He brought sand for the patio and front porch. He made the driveway and turn-a-bout. It looks like a real house now. We cleaned the inside today as it was 27 degrees, snowing and blowing! We went to Kiel Building to finalize the ideas for the siding and window trim, etc.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nice weather

Peter has been roofing all week. It is a lot of cutting and progress is not as fast as he wants. This is the last good day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The winner is Basil-by Sherwin Williams Paint Color

The window trim and house trim is the piece on the top. We have looked at it in the sun, shade, night, day-I think this will work. The siding will be Smart Siding, a baked on no chip, no peel process. There will be cedar shingles on the triangle areas in the front. Shakertown Shakes

See more pictures of the siding color here: http://rhoadeshouse.blogspot.com/2009/05/wheres-grass-for-mowing.html



Siding sample colors

These are four different siding colors that we have tried. Too minty, too park benchy, too green, too blue. And the winner is...

Unfinished front section

Unfinished back section

Almost done!

The low part

Getting to work

Over the orchard and into the rolling hills

Blue sky day

And another

Another look


View from the top of the roof

Peter took these pictures from the very top of the roof. This is the view in all directions.
The roofing is progressing very nicely. The big high side is done! Maybe I can sleep at night now. Peter is putting the cap on the top today and removing the roof jacks and boards. It is windy and cooler today, so it will be a fun time. I have included pictures of the roofing that is left. Mr. Wipperman helped dad for two hours yesterday and he gave him some pointers for the remaining valleys-lots of shingle cutting ahead!