Thursday, October 30, 2008

The tricky thing is with blogger and blogs to see the very beginning you have to go to the very first And then you can see the real progress: here and here.

New Furniture and Fireplace and Paint

No school today and no rain either. Peter is up on the roof and the wind is gusty! I am cleaning and organizing things at home and at school. I wish there was more I could do at the new house. I have swept, picked up nails and nails and nails and put down cardboard to keep the clay gombu off the floors. We are going to test another color for the siding today. The other sample was too blue. We hope this one works so we can get it ordered.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

House From Top

Using Kohler's Virtual Bathroom Planner and the floorplans I made the inside of the house. I tried to make the windows and doors in the correct positions and tried to make them close to correct size to get the right feel. It is cool to kind of "walk around" and see how it is--especially with the interior walls solid.

Bath from Above


From Hallway to Bedroom

This is without a door -- definitely ADA compliant.

From Foyer

In this one you can see the dining/living room on the left and the master bedroom on the right. Straight ahead is the railing and the steps to the basement with the one big window (actually 2 big windows) looking out to the back patio/orchard view.

From Kitchen - The really big windows are actually doors

View from the Book Nook

Is that how you spell nook?

Kohler Bathroom Planner PLUS

I know...the furniture is wrong, paint color wrong, but you can get the idea of the room and kitchen setup. I'll try some more screenshots. If you look on the left hand side you can kind of see the floorplan.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hunter Green Shingles on the back

Peter has begun the roofing. It is very high and very steep. All I can do is stand and watch. Mr. Wipperman is coming to help Saturday and Larry's worker will be here Monday. Yeah!! The siding sample arrived yesterday. We will measure and hopefully order the siding on Monday. It takes 2-3 weeks for the order to arrive.

Jim Brager and Madison

The Bragers came to visit!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Oh my! And I thought wallpapering was bad. This is not a fun scene.

The roofing begins

I am on my way over to the house to see if Peter has fallen off! I have been so nervous today because he is starting the roofing!!

The Fruit Orchard

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday Update

Dad is in Marinette trying to finish up his concrete jobs. The shingles are going to be delivered on Wednesday and he will start. I am going to go to the school board meeting tonight. Bragers surprised us yesterday and came down. They were standing in the orchard when we were driving by Lambeau Field! They waited for us. They really liked the house.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Light House

The Mackinaw

A break from construction

We took a break from house construction this weekend. We are back in Marinette doing yard work and some relaxing. We toured the Coast Guard Ice Breaker Mackinaw at the light house pier in Menominee. It is 245 feet long, but very similar to the Cypress (Jana's boat in Mobile, Alabama.) It was a beautiful day to be on the bay. We also walked out to the light house that has been taken over by the city. Tours were offered today as well.
Good football news today. The Marinette Marines defeated the Menominee Maroons in the 102nd M and M football game. It was played in Marinette and I could hear the cheers as I was raking pine needles (Jon!). It was the first victory for Marinette in eight very long years. Hooray Marines!!

A gorgeous view from the kitchen windows

Haley and Bill

We moved these closets to the bathroom wall side of the bedroom. This really helped with the looks of the room and the end wall. It also elimated the dust catcher. The closet ceiling will extend the lofted area that will be over part of the front bedroom and the bathroom.

Haley and Bill framing the closet

Haley and Bill arrived from Marquette, Michigan on Thursday and stayed to help us out. Thanks again!


Monday, October 13, 2008

View from the bathroom

This wall is where the closets are now. You can see where the lofted area will be-looking toward the front bedroom. Oops, this is not that view. This is the entry.

The Yellow Jersey - Maillot Jaune

Framing the pantry and laundry area

Brandon lining up another panel

Inside shot

View from the inside

The first roof panels

Brandon placing a roof panel

measuring to locate the lift point

Easy does it!

Up it goes!

Lifting roof panel

Red squirrel on roof!

Romenesko Crane

Tie downs in this picture


Morning before the beams were set

Roof panel

Framing a support wall

Window seat

Front panels in place

Close view of the panels

End of day one

Panels ready

Ready to go