Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rhoades Crew Report

It has been a busy weekend. Andy and Ed arrived on Friday to help Peter pour the crawlspace floor. They stayed overnight and Larry arrived on Saturday morning. Everyone helped put in the floor joists and the subflooring. Andy and Ed left Saturday afternoon and Larry and Peter finished up the floor. Larry stayed overnight and he and Peter are doing the entry subfloor and the supporting walls in the basement. It sure is nice to have Marinette friends!

Wednesday Andy and Peter are going to pour another section of the basement and Micah will be coming from UW Madison to pour the last section on Friday. Then the last section of floor joists and subflooring will be completed Saturday and Sunday. It really looks like a real house.

Jack Jonkman and Peter formed and poured the basement and crawlspace September 5-9.

It is very energy efficient and straight. It was great to spend time with Jack and see the two of them working together. They probably scared a few New Holstein residents because they both resembled mountain men (both in need of a haircut and shave!)

Micah Thill had been here for about a week as the foundation was dug. He and Peter poured the footings. We took him to college Labor Day. Just in time for my first day of school on the 2nd!

Projected SIPS panel arrival-the week of September 29th.

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