Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last day of my summer!

I am sad because today is my last day of summer! Tomorrow morning I have a mentoring meeting with Julie, my mentee. She was my student teacher three years ago, so I am excited to help her through her first year. She is amazing! Laurie and Holly are coming to see the house and go out for lunch. We are going to a funky little place in Sheboygan Falls. Thursday and Friday we have more meetings and work in our buildings, and Monday and Tuesday more of the same. Sneak Peek is Tuesday night and the first day is Wednesday, September 1.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We went to Laura and Andrew Bloomquists' wedding in Madison yesterday. You can view pictures of the wedding at http://www.laura-andrew.wenphotos.com/ So far these are just pictures taken in Chicago for their engagement book, etc. I imagine there will be the wedding photos soon. Jesse everyone says hello and they miss you. Matzkes, Bennetts, Jim and Jean, Erin, Sophie, Jenna, Kristy and Laura!

Fresh cheese curds

Hennings Cheese

The reception at Monona Terrace on Lake Monona

Table favors-mints

I had vegetarian offering-thus the green ribbon. Dad had the steak, and there was a chicken dish. Mine was portabella mushroom, rice, and cheese in a puff pastry, baked tomato with good topping, and a mixed vegetable. Great apple, walnut, blue cheese, spring greens salad. Did I say that the cake was really good!

The cake

Lake Monona in Madison

Our table at Laura's wedding

We sat the Richards, Bennetts and Jenny and Matzkes

Jenna and Matzke's

The wedding party at Monona Terrace

Kristy, Katlynn, Laura, and Bloomy

Laura and Andrew Bloomquist

Getting ready to cut the cake.

MMMM, the cake was goooood!

After the cake cutting and eating!

Kristy tells everyone about her sister, Laura!

Kristy looked beautiful!!

Erin Webb and her words for Laura and Andy

Erin says, "Where's Jesse? I really miss her!"
She was very disappointed that you weren't there.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The finished dinner!

It was very fresh and light-I would make it again.

Prepare the linguini

Grate some parmesan cheese, and ready the herbs

Olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and tomatoes ready for the oven

Fresh parsley from our garden

Fresh Basil from the garden


It calls for these cherry tomatoes, but I used up all our regular red and yellow tomatoes.

Tonight's Dinner~

New Bargain Bag

Staples Teacher Appreciation Day Sale. All leather, lots of room, pockets, zippers, and looks coooooooooool! $60-on sale for $24. Nice!

Pocket on each side that zips all the way down

Zipper compartments (2)

Padded section for my laptop.

Pocket for purse stuff

New Holstein Public Library Annual Book Sale

We also got a beautiful Oven Cooking cook book and a frozen yogurt one. Also the book, Eat this, Not this. We had two bags of books and videos, books on tape, and spent under five dollars!

Some videos for school

Yes, we still have VCR's!!

Bargain spot for New Holstein

Any video, 5 cents.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer fruit!

I couldn't resist the raspberries, blueberries, and Michigan peaches (almost as good as Georgia peaches). I also got a homegrown melon-mmm.
Went to two Teacher Appreciation events today in Fond Du Lac. Staples and JoAnn Fabric. Ohh! Now, I feel better. Found some good bargains and got the fleece for hats at Christmas!

Ah, summer veggies.

Monday, August 9, 2010

T-shirt tub. Vote to keep or not.

I will keep these photos on for a few days and then delete them when the votes are in!