Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Transplanting will have to come soon!

Our new smoke bushes are beautiful

Deep purple like this photo-Mulberry jam

Mulberry freezer jam1

Wonderful jam-7 cups!

Mulberries for jam

Picking mulberries from a huge old tree (bush?)

Peter picking mulberries

The new pad for the Popison chair we got at the rummage sale

Many tomatoes on our huge plant

Our first red tomato

Cherry tree in the orchard behind the house-mmm!

Getting ripe cherries soon

The three trees in the orchard are really ready to be picked, but no one has arrived to do the job! They are looking very tempting!! Peter is getting a bucketful from Andy's mother in Marinette today!

Our cherry tree with mulberry tree in back

Mulberries in our backyard

The other new chair from True Value

The new chair at our house-a favorite summer spot!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Peter built a shelf in the cupboard for the TV that Haley and Bill gave us! Doesn't it look great? The doors do shut and the picture and sound are terrific-thanks so much! This weekend we biked to Kiel and had a three hour adventure on the bikes. When we got back, I went straight to True Value to get a gel seat! Peter harvested the mulberries in the back yard and I made jam-it looks wonderful! We gardened-weeded, transplanted, and planted some vegetables. I am starting my next summer project-filing all the piles of paperwork all over the house. I have been going to water arobics-6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.-feels wonderful before I head off to summer school for the morning!!

Haley and Bill hungry fro a great dinner

A few weeks ago we traveled to Marquette to spend some time with daughter, Haley and husband, Bill. We always enjoy going "up North".
They have especially good Rummage Sales!

Dining out with Haley and Bill in Marquette

Appetizer! Marquette, Michigan with Haley and Bill

Sepia on the new camera

Black and White on new camera

Color picture on the new camera

A rug from Haley's sale we bought

Haley's geraniums

Flowers in Haley and Bill's yard!

Coast Guard Station in Marquette-new!

Peter can see aaaall the way down to the lake!-almost!

Checking out the new telescope-Haley

Telescope-bird watcher device-$10 at the rummage sale in Marquette

Haley in black and white-new camera

Testing the black and white on the new camera-Bill

The comfy chair we found at a sale-looks great at Haley and Bill's house!

Haley and Bill always do well at the sales

Good rummage sale finds in Marquette

Bill helped set things up for the sale.

Haley's yard sale in Marquette-brrrr!