Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's looking more like a home!

The garden

The "Victory Garden" is in place. 12 tomato plants, 12 peppers (all varieties of hot), a bean plant (planted at school with my kindergartners), a melon, and carnations, lemon drops, lantana, johnny jump ups, blue trailing things, and gladiolas I think.

This is the lone Elm tree we see off of Hwy 57

The Elm at sunset-Dad's special tree

Bookcase by no books yet!

The rugs add some warmth to the "art gallery".

The sectional has six sections-this arrangement works best

The couches are in place, but not the art work

The pillows on the oatmeal colored sectional in the living room

Another pillow

Pillow making time

I bought the fabric at IKEA in Round Rock, Texas when we went to work on my mother's house in Lago Vista. I wanted something to add some color. I made six on Monday night. Thanks Mother for letting me sit and watch you sew for so many years. I did pick up a few good skills.

Tom puts the OK on the porch he designed

My brother Tom and wife Molly from Des Moines

The new wall and door into storage room

Stairwell painted and ready for "real stair treads"

New drywall, spray and paint downstairs

Monday, June 29, 2009

Big weekend

We were very motivated to get some cleaning up done as Tom and Molly were arriving Saturday morning. We had a good work day Friday as Peter got the primer on the basement bathroom, hallway, and stairwell. Friday we got the painting done and the bathroom back in business. All the tools and work stuff were removed or put in the work room, the sectional got moved to the living room, rugs down, bedrooms almost looking real. We stored the extra hardwood flooring and organized the rest.

It was fun to see Tom and Molly. It was great to have the architect of the porch put his approval on the almost finished front porch. Way to go Brandon and crew-perfect. We also found a Honda Express at a rummage sale, so Peter has his long awaited mo-ped for his early birthday present.

Sunday Peter roto-tilled the front garden area and we planted tomatoes, peppers, a melon, beans, and flowers. We put a new light fixture in the downstairs bedroom and the stairwell.
The blinds are helping a lot, the house is staying around 70-75 now. Having the high casement windows open all the time is great. The water cooler with Mary's artesian water is working out nicely.

I will put some pictures on tomorrow.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Painting and cleaning

This week we have been washing windows and getting screens on. Last night we opened the casement windows that are on all four peaks of the house. Hopefully it will get some air circulating with the ceiling fans. We have had 95 degrees all week and it will continue! It did get down in the 60's last night so the house cooled down to 71 overnight.
Peter has started painting the hallway and bathroom downstairs. We need to put the bathroom back together after the spraying and painting. We are looking forward to Tom and Molly's visit tomorrow.

Monday, June 22, 2009

At work again

The hardwood is all in place. We need to clean it, put the soft pads on the furniture and get cozy! Peter was in Marinette most of the week doing concrete, so I got to organize cupboards, drawers, and the pantry. The bad thing was the stove and refrigerator were out of place and the stove out of commission as the hardwood went in the kitchen last and Peter was gone. I wish I had a picture of him crawling over the cupboards, feet in the air, after he hooked up the gas again.
Today it is more drywalling in the basement outside the bathroom and bedroom. Tony is coming down this afternoon to tape and get ready to spray that area and the step walls. I think that will be the end of it, with just painting to do.

Things yet to do: construct screen porch, trimwork inside, doors (not many) finish off closets, tile in entry way and upstairs bathroom, flooring in downstairs bathroom, install sink, stool, mirror and cupboard in upstairs bathroom and install the air conditioner. Landscaping outside and getting the garden started.

We went shopping yesterday and got a cooler for our special artesian water (thanks Mary), a radio for the kitchen that picks up NPR, soft cushions for the furniture, 2X4's and plywood, and a tablecloth for the umbrella table (yes the orange one from Texas), and a covered trash container. Pictures later when we get the furniture moved.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Almost done-Mark fitting final pieces.

Mark Growe from New Holstein

Tear out complete

Oops! Straightening the floor in the living room.

Today Peter and Mark tore up part of the living room hardwood floor, straightened and reinstalled it correctly. Now, Peter knows how to do hardwood floors! Tomorrow Mark finishes the kitchen and the job will be done.

Andrea washing the kitchen window

Window washing

We washed the inside and outside of the North windows-three more sides to go. We also put the screens on-quick and easy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marinette Food Fight

TV News Report

Eagle Herald

I think Shawn Limberg was a lifeguard at the Civic.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hardwood floors in the hallway

Mark Growe is putting in the hardwood floors. I will get a picture of him and his truck soon.
He has the hallway done. It looks amazing! I don't want to walk on them. Peter and Micah poured some sidewalk and the footings for the screen porch today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I brought Micah back from Marinette today after we poured a little concrete job. He just returned from school in Madison where he is attending the UW. He hadn't been at the house since he helped pour the footings last fall. Tomorrow we begin on footings and frost walls for the screen porch. Pictures soon.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Window treatments

I found 7 roman shades-Thyme in color and a linen looking fabric. They are up in both upstairs bedrooms. We decided that it would be good to have them in the two windows above the steps too. I will be traveling to Oshkosh tonight to pick that one up. They look really good. The only things is there is lots of green when they are down from the outside. Because they will only be down at night, I think it will be good. I can't wait to see how the others will look. I still need one more 36X72 in the Ambria Sahara Natural item number 76421. I did purchase the 48" that they had, hoping we can cut it down if all else fails.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I have been having fun shopping for shower curtains, rugs, towels, window treatments, etc.
We found some shades that we really liked at Lowe's today on clearance. The bad thing is they are discontinued. We found 4. We could use 7 more. They are called Ambria Sahara naturals.
I need 2 that are 36X64 and 5 that are 36X72. I found some similar ones online Willow Bamboo #28324. The number for the 36X72 is 76421. They are sold at Lowe's. Haley checked in Marquette-none. We got ours in Manitowoc. Oshkosh also has a Lowe's. I will check there tomorrow. They would be good to keep the cold Wisconsin temperatures out in the winter.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slept in a real bed

Tuesday night I slept in the almost completed downstairs bedroom. Carpet was installed yesterday and Peter set up the bed and tables. Peter called from Marinette and wondered if I had the pictures hung, lamp etc. He knows me too well. I do have them leaning against the wall. I am going to get something for the window and a lamp tonight. Picture to follow.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to work

Ray came down today to do some plumbing-great day for a ride! Dave is coming tomorrow afternoon to put the carpet in the basement bedroom that Peter and I primed and painted this weekend. Mark is going to give us an estimate to do the hard wood floors.

Emily and Jon at Ellen's wedding in Door County

It was nice to get away Friday for Ellen's wedding. It was fantastic. Great wedding service-Father Bill, what can I say? Awesome food and outdoor area on the water. Fun guests and beautiful couple! What a treat to have Emily and Jon home for a week. Thanks Emily for the decorating tips for the house!

Front Porch Comparisson

The front porch looks just like Tom's computer image.