Monday, May 21, 2012

Cooper and Benny the Bear.  Benny goes home each day with a different kindergartner.  On weekends he goes home with Mrs. Rhoades for a bath.  Coop is a little bigger.
Ho hum.
Another favorite place to sleep!

The temporary fence goes up.
I like this new toy-oh, all my toys are new!
My kennel is cozy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Peter brought these back from IKEA on his last trip to Colorado Springs for the collar and leash!
Now, all we need is the new yellow lab puppy.  We pick him up tomorrow morning!
Two "lambie" fabric pieces from St. Vinnies-$1.00 each.  They are about the size of a hand towel or bigger.  I am taking them with us tomorrow to wipe on Maisy and the brother and sisters so the pup won't be lonesome-keeping my fingers crossed.  Our 4 girls loved their lambies!
Puppy Pad near the door.  Hmmmm, I have never used one of these!  I have an old bath rug under it so it doesn't slip.
This is a close up of the kennel.  Too much room, or not enough?  It is a little more than one third of the kennel.
Two kinds of "training treats"-cheese round ones, and crunchy apple veggie somethings.
The folding kennel, found at Fleet Farm, 42 inch.  It is not the Giant, just the Extra Large.  It is partitioned off right now.  Notice the treats on top!  St. Vinnie's furnished the blanket and pillow!
Safety on the steps!  We had this already!
The feeding station.  TJMAX container, food on bottom with scoop and treats on top.  We want Dr. Tim's food!  They ask me if I had a Huskie when I ask for it at Pet Smart.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Our new baby!  Here he is curled up by Peter sound asleep...We have to wait 2 weeks to pick him up.  This gives us time to PREPARE!  Any suggestions?
Our pick!
They all loved Peter!
The two brothers!
How about this boy?
Maisy the mom.