Monday, April 27, 2009


Since Peter has returned from Texas, we are getting back on track at our house. We have the electricians, plumbers, Elite builders for the siding, and flooring ready to go. Peter and I have been insulating the basement and drywalling. The basement walls all have to be covered for code restrictions. We have decided to go ahead and do the flooring and finish the ceiling after we move in. It is very hard to move furniture until we do the hardwood, tile, and carpet. So, that will be next.
Dean, the electrician will come and finish the job, including putting up the light fixtures. That will be very exciting. Peter will be doing concrete this week, getting ready for the siding and the front porch. It smells terrific in our house with the cedar wood in the house which will be used for the front porch. Lots happening.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back from Texas

We spent Spring Break in Lago Vista, Texas. My mother is in the process of getting her home ready to sell. Peter and I spent more than a week there enjoying the warm weather and working hard on the lawn, pool, cleaning, painting, and constructing. Now, back to work on our house.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ah! A little spring on a gloomy Wisconsin day!

Thanks Emily! My classroom smells sweeeet!

Beautiful tulips

Thanks Jana! A nice April Fool Birthday treat!

Work supplies

More moving day mess-downstairs bedroom


Cool vinyl for laundry area and downstairs bath

Downstairs bedroom

Basement stairs with no railing


Living room with wheel barrow

Bikes in front bedroom

Our bedroom

Silverware drawer-I need to go to IKEA!

Remember no sink cut out yet

There are very small speckles that you can't see

I like the beveled maple edge on the front and back

Counter top without the sink opening

The vessel sink.

We are looking for tile for the bathroom that will not fight with this sink.

Side view of lights.

There are seven of these lights.

One of the sconces

All the lighting

Reality Pictures

This is what the house looks like with all our stuff moved in. Bicycles in the front bedroom, living room furniture in our bedroom, kitchen stuff pushed into the pantry shelves and drawers, and the basement bedroom full of clothes, beds, and bathroom stuff. The rest of the house still has scaffolding, tools, drywall, and wood!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Counter tops are in-no foolin'

Today the kitchen counter tops were installed. I will try to get a picture tonight. They look really cool. There is a beveled edge with maple inserts. It looks like lots of space now, but the sink will take a big chunck out!