Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Foundation and Floor is done!

Late yesterday Peter and I finished the floor decking. Someone said, "When you finish the decking you get "decked out" and have a party on the decking!" We were so tired and rain was threatening, so we covered everything with plastic weighted it down with some of our many rocks and went home. Sorry, no "deck party"!.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Arrival Date Confirmed

The house panels will arrive Wednesday October 1st! Enercept called this afternoon to confirm the date. Peter arrived safely from Peshtigo with the roof beams today. He had to take all the back roads because the load was long and a little tipsey. He loaded some concrete blocks in the middle and the fishtailing stopped. What fun! I will have pictures of the beams.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Building Green

When Peter and I were planning our new home, we were very concerned about saving energy.
We wanted a "small house" and one that would be energy efficient. I think we have a good start with the NUDURA Foundation and the SIPS panels. The house panels and the roof panels are all insulated at the ENERCEPT factory in South Dakota. Our heating system, windows, plumbing features, and appliances are all about saving energy as well. Brandon at Elite Builders in Green Bay is excited about putting up our house and very helpful in providing us with green building facts. The ENERCEPT concept is all about green building.

Enercept's Green Building Page

  • NUDURA® Forms are manufactured from recycled or recyclable material. NUDURA buildings produce little waste during construction, all waste is 100% recyclable (subject to local recycling programs).
  • NUDURA® Forms emit no CFC or HCFC’s.
  • NUDURA Products are manufactured under strict guidelines using only processes that are non ozone depleting.
  • When you build with NUDURA® you will be saving valuable environmental resources compared to traditional building methods.
  • NUDURA® Forms also contribute to a healthier living, learning and working environment.
  • NUDURA does not support mould growth.

The Green Building Initiative

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

News from Enercept

Peter just called to say that Enercept called to say that the house and roof panels will be done Monday September 29th! They are making them this week. Our house is being built right now!
Peter will be getting the beams from Sentinel Structures, the Anderson windows arrived September 12th and I will be checking on the front door tonight. We will have a structure very soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another view

The view from up the hill

The apples

The cherries

The pear trees

The orchard in our "backyard"

Voigt's House below

Our front of the house neighbors

On Sunday Peter and Larry put some more floor joists on. Today Peter is getting the drain tile and gravel ready for backfilling tomorrow. I will finally get a chance to see what the landscape will be like. This week Andy and Micah will help out finishing the last floors in the basement, putting on the final flooring before the house and roof panels arrive!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time to quit

Future Patio

Peter finishing the floor

Sheeting the floor

Floor Joists

Larry and Andy

Starting the floor

Cousin Larry

Paying up

Finishing the last of the wall

Andy and Peter Pouring the floor



Foundation Coating

Jack and Peter

Nice and straight

And more concrete

Peter and Jack pouring the foundation

Jack starting the pour

Here comes the concrete truck

The Pumper

Jack is ready

Ready to pour

Walls are up

Up it goes

Beginning the basement

Peter unloading the Nudura forms

First Concrete

The footings

Digging Day

Peter and Micah

Rhoades Crew Boss

Rhoades Crew Report

It has been a busy weekend. Andy and Ed arrived on Friday to help Peter pour the crawlspace floor. They stayed overnight and Larry arrived on Saturday morning. Everyone helped put in the floor joists and the subflooring. Andy and Ed left Saturday afternoon and Larry and Peter finished up the floor. Larry stayed overnight and he and Peter are doing the entry subfloor and the supporting walls in the basement. It sure is nice to have Marinette friends!

Wednesday Andy and Peter are going to pour another section of the basement and Micah will be coming from UW Madison to pour the last section on Friday. Then the last section of floor joists and subflooring will be completed Saturday and Sunday. It really looks like a real house.

Jack Jonkman and Peter formed and poured the basement and crawlspace September 5-9.

It is very energy efficient and straight. It was great to spend time with Jack and see the two of them working together. They probably scared a few New Holstein residents because they both resembled mountain men (both in need of a haircut and shave!)

Micah Thill had been here for about a week as the foundation was dug. He and Peter poured the footings. We took him to college Labor Day. Just in time for my first day of school on the 2nd!

Projected SIPS panel arrival-the week of September 29th.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Plan

New Holstein, WI A is the Elementary School. I know the lot is near the school.

New Holstein?

Where is New Holstein?
Why New Holstein?
What is there to do in New Holstein?


Pictures of New Holstein

News in New Holstein

Fall Fest Video - watch them cut the cheese


...but really, it seems like a nice town, nice area, nice people.

New Holstein on Wikipedia


Notable New Holstein residents:

Peter Rhoades

Andrea Rhoades (with new cellular phone)