Sunday, September 26, 2010

Found these four prints at the Elkart Lake Farmer's Market

On the back it says IKEA and on the inside of one it said Rachel Duncan, Sweden. I love them!
The print size is about 5x7 or a little larger.

Horse and pig are the other pair

Cow, sheep, pig picture

These two prints are larger-about 12x12.

The chicken and chick

Cleaned out the gardens, but left the herbs-giant parsley!


We took a walk through the orchard and down the hill and found many of these in three different colors.

My first tears!

About to help their sister get the wedding dress on and I see the four of them together for the first time-a rare moment for mom!

Hair and Makeup done!

Joan and Steve arrive from Maryland!

Jana and Jared's photo book they had created-fun photos!

Molly ironed every table cloth-no more wrinkles!!

Jana approves the bouquet!

Emily and Haley created Jana's bouquet.

Thanks Linda for drying each chair!

Emily, Mother, Leizl, Jesse, and Andrea decorated outside!

Haley, Linda Phillips, Leizl and Jana and Jackie talking things over.

Mother and Molly keeping busy!

Jana and the white tulips

Everyone busy Thursday night!

Leizl, Molly, my mother Jean and Jared's mother Jackie.

Zeb meets the family at Jana and Jared's wedding

Time to relax before setting up for the wedding

Jana's dress away from Jared's eyes in our room

The bridesmaid dress and our gift bags for out of town guests

We had a little Wisconsin (Badgers, Packers, and cheese) and a little Coast Guard.

Elisa and Jana before the wedding

New computer

The school had a nice offer on laptops, so we purchased one and Peter will have it when he is working in Marinette. It is the same computer, but with different features, so I am struggling a bit. I was able to get my Skype account going, so I did get a "call" from Mother while I was on yesterday-scared me half to death. Now, I am trying to find other family members who are "skyping"! I was able to put two new pictures on, and now it is being stubborn. I like the way it presents the pictures, but can't figure out why I can't do anymore! I'll keep trying.

We grew this!

Please note that this melon is sitting on a Heller salad plate, not a dinner plate, therefore the fruit is a mini!

Little Farmer fresh wonderful apples

This local orchard uses no sprays or pesticides-they employ aphids and lady bugs. We take all the kindergartners there this Friday, but I couldn't wait and purchased these a couple weeks ago.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

After the Wedding!

I have had so much fun looking at everyone else's pictures of Jana and Jared's wedding. Yesterday I went on Snapfish and made a collage of pictures for a postcard-fun! I took pictures too, and will put some on, but I am really looking forward to seeing the ones Jared's aunt and cousin took. They were there early and were still getting pictures as we cleaned up near midnight!
The wedding was wonderful! The weather was incredible-from a three hour delay in Milwaukee because of bad storms in Dallas, to 95 degrees and humid, to perfect perfect weather for the wedding and Mother's birthday celebration on Saturday. We had hot and humid, but Friday and Saturday were 75 ish and no humidity-a nice breeze, blue sky-gorgeous. I was so glad that Haley got some pictures of the sky!!
It was great fun to have all our girls together to celebrate Jana and Jared's marriage. Emily and Jon drove from Colorado Springs with their new puppy Zeb, Haley and Bill flew from Marquette, Michigan, and Jesse from Athens, Ohio ( Eric had to hold down the fort at home and take care of their dogs-missed him!) La Quinta in Weatherford was an amazing place for us all to gather around the pool. Many said it was like being in Lago Vista at Clause grandparents' house. Wonderful to have my two brothers and wives together with my mother. Jeff and Leizl from South Africa and their children Thomas and Lindsey from Austin and brother Tom and his wife Molly bringing my mother from Iowa. Wish Meredith and Hilary could have joined us.
Special guests Linda and Larry Phillips from Marinette, Wisconsin and Joan and Steve Bisset from Laurel, Maryland.
Jana's high school friend Elisa Anderson and her husband Travis, stood up in the wedding and traveled from Marinette as well.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The options are a weird Emily face or a weird Jana face.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010