Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Classmates from the class of 1964!

Bonnie Mitchell Boothroy, Mari Ann Knapper Limburg and Carol Meyer Fengel. Lots of laughs, tears, and remember whens.....

Farmer's Market in Jefferson, Iowa.

Sweet Corn, tomatoes, and transparent apples!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I like my new doggy!

An outfit from Aunti Em.

Abby, "Maxx, and Chester!

Nana and Papa gave me this Maxx dog!

My mommy wore this dress!

Beach Baby!

Stroller ride!

Jana and Julia's first trip to IKEA!

This is the Happy Chair!

Go Badgers!!

What fun!


Celebrating 60!

Farmer's Market Elkart Lake

Haley, Bill, and Sadie came to New Holstein before the heat blast so we enjoyed the new screen porch. This was Sadie's first visit and she was amazing! More pictures when the computer lets me-hmmmmm.


Jess and Emily


Hangin' out.

Dad and Emily

Nice shot!

Jesse and Eric, fireplace mantle photo