Thursday, April 29, 2010

Peter has been working in Marinette the past two weeks-long commute for him now. We are looking forward to seeing half of our girls this weekend. Emily is in Wisconsin from Colorado Springs, and Haley and Bill will be driving down from Marquette Friday night. We will celebrate Emily's birthday-maybe Mother's Day and a fun trip to Madison. I hope Bill can get some biking in as well.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The new cookbook

Rocco's new cookbook with comfort foods under 350 calories. He has kept the great taste but reduced the fat by a ton! Our first try was peppery but delicious!

Pepper steak, new potatoes, brocolli

Fillet of steak, peppered, with a rich sauce.

First meal from the new cookbook

Finishing the shower in the basement

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A weekend in Madison

There was so much going on this weekend in Madison: The Third Annual Madison Film Festival, Rodeo, Opening day for the Farmer's Market, Green Day Expo, Whad' Ya Know, UW Spring Football Game, and the UW Marching Band Concert. As we were walking down State Street we heard the drums and cymbals up ahead with a big crowd forming. The UW Drum line was entertaining the crowds of visitors advertising the annual marching band concert in the Field House. We even had our traditional Babcock Hall ice cream.

Wisconsin band performing on State Street

Rick Bayless at the Green Day Expo

We were surprised to find out that the Green Day Expo was going on at the Terrace Saturday as well. Someone gave us free tickets so we used them. Lots of free food samples, eco friendly bags, exhibits, and speakers. We were glad to listen to Rick Bayless from Frontera Restaurant and Grill in Chicago. He won Top Chef for his delicious Mexican dishes. He was a great speaker.

Whad' ya know?

We saw the Blanks sing. The leader was from the TV show "Scrubs". They were pretty funny. Not a big crowd, and we got there too late for the doughnuts!!! Luckily we had one at the Farmer's Market!

Michael Feldman Show

Jeff and John playing at the radio show

Whad' ya know?

We went to the Michael Feldman radio production at the Manona Terrace in Madison on Saturday morning.

Third Annual Madison Film Festival

We went down Friday night to see "No Names" with no tickets. We stood in the Rush Line (that means you don't have a ticket and wish like crazy that you did!) We waited with Micah and Meagan for a long time watching groups of lucky people get in. You guessed it-we were the next in line to get in when the volunteer informed everyone that the show was full! We vowed to get into the Saturday night movie that we wanted to see "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" We started standing in line at 8 minutes to 6 for the 7:30 show! We were 3 and 4 in line and were able to purchase two tickets (from people who had extras) at 7:15. That put us at the end of the ticket line-1000 people back! But, we did get seats and the movie was very very good! And now we know a lot more about tickets and the Film Festival! The Orpheum has room for 1.700 people and every seat was filled.

Beautiful tulips at the Farmer's Market in Madison

Great tulips at the market on the square

The Farmer's Market in Madison-Opening Day

An evening view of the Capitol

Looking down State Street at the Capitol in Madison

Makes nice waffles-really fast!

Dad's St. Vinnie's find

Friday, April 9, 2010

We could live in Texas!

To see the rest of the Texas pictures you will have to click on older posts at the bottom of these pictures-even though it was just yesterday!

Let's use the snowman pointer for calendar today!!

This is what we woke up to on Wednesday morning!

Snow on everything-blowing like crazy!

Oh snow!

April 7th and snow in Wisconsin again!

A cemetery and hundreds of plastic flowers

An elk? A donkey?

The ride home for Tom and Peter took them through Arkansas

Lago Vista

Before the pool fence.

View from kitchen into Livingroom

Kitchen all cleaned up

Downstairs living area in Lago Vista

Downstairs bedroom with new carpet at Mother's in Texas

These were fun to watch in the parking lot

The Pelicans would fly close to our heads

The pelicans were amazing

Over 50 percent of migrating birds come through Padre Island! Birders Paradise!

Tom and friend

Click on the picture for a closer view!

Hello crab!

Tom digging for a big ghost crab on Padre Island

A big jellyfish that the ranger brought to shore-harmless where she is touching

She stayed away from digging in the big holes-little ghost crab!

Taking a beach walk with the ranger

A big ghost crab

Tom dug up a ghost crab-good sized

This little bird knew how to beat the waves, we didn't!

Photo opportunity for Tom while Peter beachcombs

You can still drive on the beach and camp too!

The 4-wheel drive area

When Peter and I fished with Mert, an over 80 year old net fisherman, we occasionally ventured down the beach to catch some better fish. No commercial fishing allowed anymore!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The sweet potato cake!

I pushed the walnuts into the side of the cake. Delicious, Eric! Nice and moist. We are eating too much!