Friday, July 31, 2009

Andy's handcrafted cabinet-just like the picture!

Heated floor is untested

Another view of the vessel sink

Kohler basin sink on Andy's handcrafted table and mirror.

Notice the stool has no seat-broken piece! It will be UPS'd to us quickly.

Persuade dual flush toilet

Ray had to really squeaked his hand into the tank. He said it was not an easy job. Look how it fits right up against the wall and the smooth part next to the floor-easy cleaning!

Ray finishing the sink

The faucet is too long-wrong order. Ray will be replacing it with a shorter one that flows down the back of the basin. I guess you can see the tile in this picture.
Ray and Bonnie came yesterday. The upstairs bathroom has a toilet and a sink. Peter hung the mirror and we put in the cabinet. All that is left is the shower tile-yeah! Hopefully he can get that done while I drive to Iowa tomorrow to pick up my mother. I see from the pictures that I missed showing the tile floor. It looks great-dark grout, but not as dark as the tiles. It was fun putting the bathroom together today and getting boxes cleared out. I found my black sandals as I was cleaning out our closet-hurray!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Upstairs bathroom tile

Dad got the heated floor panel down yesterday and the bathroom tile on the floor. He is doing a spray job today in Marinette, so the grout will go down tomorrow and hopefully Ray can get the plumbing done on Friday.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Peter has been working on the tile for the front entry way. He is grouting it right now so I am staying out of the way. It looks really great. The grout has to dry and then we will be able to clean up the tiles. He will be starting on the upstairs bathroom tiling today. I called Ray and he will be coming down Thursday or Friday to put in the sink and stool for that bathroom-yeah!

We also talked to Tim Paye about doors. He will be giving us an estimate for the 2 bathroom doors, linen closet, laundry and entry way closet doors.

I am driving to Iowa to pick up my mother this weekend. We will hopefully be painting some trim and enjoying the area.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Emily's Porch Idea

I like how this porch is done (via young house love)...sliding glass door/windows all the way around. This website has lots of great ideas!


Mary Schmitz screen porch on Lake Winnebago

Brandon came with his designer on Wednesday to talk about building the screen porch. We liked Mary's porch, so we took several pictures so they could see it. He will be giving us the final plan soon so they can get going on it. I am excited!
Brandon and Peter also went on a salmon charter with Andy and his worker. They had a great time and brought back some nice salmon to enjoy. We appreciate all you have done for us Brandon!

The lamp is a success-thanks Haley.

I think this will work!

Haley arrived early from Marquette, Michigan and began rewiring an antique lamp

Jana and Jesse moving furniture downstairs

Jesse getting the bed down from the loft

Emily and Haley on the laptop

Hanging out in the new living room before rearranging

Haley's birthday-rummage sale money!

The concrete truck arrives and we all stop our projects to come watch

Lots of tomatoes!

Jana and Emily planting tomatoes

Dad taking a much needed break!

Jesse and Dad

Haley was the grill expert-we all tried to help.

Jana secured all the casement windows with handles and hardware

Jesse fastening down the cement board-she can use that power tool!

Jesse helping to mix mortar for the cement board base for the tile.

Jana after the long drive from Mobile, Alabama.

Jana is stationed in Mobile and is serving in the Coast Guard on the Cypress.

Great surprise when Jesse arrived with Jana!

Haley brough us two "smoke bushes"-very great!

Jana and Jesse arrive after a long trip from Ohio and Alabama!

Emily's list-so much to do, so little time!

All the girls in the backyard with Haley at the edge of the orchard

Jesse mowing-not an easy job!

Dad giving Jana some direction

Rhoades "Crew"

Work in progress-nice Jana.

Jana and Jesse helping Dad with concrete