Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year! (Testing my Dick Cheney smile)

Peter and I are so happy to have everyone home for the holidays. Our four girls and their guys traveled from the north, south, east, and west to New Holstein to spend our first Christmas together in our new home.

Emily and Jon are living in Colorado Springs busy working on their new home. Jon works with a computer group and Emily is busy setting clients up with the proper health insurance as she works with her longtime college friend, Andrea. They enjoy the mountain fun, snow, camping, and friends. Their cats, FDR "kitty" and Chino are enjoying the new house too!

Haley and Bill continue to work for Northern Michigan University and adding new twists to their house and yard. Biking, running, skiing, water fun, crafts, gardening and yard sales keep them busy all year long. We enjoy trips up to Lake Superior to visit them. A wonderful place to work and play.

Jana and Jared both spend their time on the water. Jared on his Coast Guard boat, the Zephyr and Jana on Coast Guard Cutter Cypress. They are busy planning their September 3rd wedding in Texas. They call Mobile, Alabama home for now. They rescued their dog Abby who joins Chester their "hot dog." Jared had a chance to go bow hunting while he was visiting and got a taste of snow and cold!

Jesse and Eric met in Athens, Ohio where they both work and enjoy living in the country where their dogs Leica, Bitty, and Bobo can run and play. Work, music, cooking and baking, and enjoying friends keep them busy. They are thinking of relocating in the future and we are hoping for Wisconsin.

Peter and I have been building our home for over a year and we can finally say "It's done." Well, almost! We love it. Peter has done the commuting this year as he continues his concrete work in the Marinette area. This year he can concentrate on this area. I still have a great love for teaching and have a blast with my kindergartners each year. When one of my little boys informed me that Christmas Eve was tomorrow-I exclaimed that I had a lot of work to do. He responded."Well Mrs. Rhoades, maybe I can help you out with that!"

The tradition continues-magazines in the stockings

Mom's magazine stocking stuffers

Our magazines

These are our magazines!


Relaxing after months of hard work

Relaxation time

Andrea and Peter (Mr Cheney)

Bill and Haley

Eric (Junebug) and Jesse

Jon, Leica, and Emily

Jared, Abby, Jana, and Chester

Jared got some Wisconsin hunting in

Water Babies video for Jared!

Eric and Jesse sharing their stocking stuff

Jamie and Warren Ross surprised us with the news of a new baby arriving in March!

Bill loves the pizza.

Haley enjoying the pizza night.

Jesse and Eric's dogs-Bitty and Leica.

Hey Bitty!

Peter and Jana in the kitchen.

Time to make homemade pizza!

Hey Chester!

Emily got the tool kit, safety gear, and first aide supplies from Jana.

More Christmas

Emily, Eric, Leica, and Jesse.

Haley the hat maker.

Count them-eight!

Eric is over by the computer getting some Dylan CDs set. Haley is working on her hat knitting. Emily and Jon hanging out with Leica. Jesse testing the Colorado brew, Jana and Bill discussing Chester, and Jared working on a new game.

Bitty and Leica hangin out

Leica and Jess

So, where did everyone sleep?

The whole family enjoyed a night of fun at the sledding hill.

Jared and Jana took a trip or two down together!

Jesse and Eric made many trips down and UP the sledding hill!

Are you going next?

Emily wiped out on this run!

Jana,Jared, and Abby heading down the hill.

Jon wishing for boots for the snowboard!

Bill at the hill-fun and fast!

There goes Dad!

Haley and Emily watching the excitement.

Haley and Bill arrived from Marquette and we headed to the snowhill just up the hill from our house. Emily and Jon drove from Colorado Springs and joined the fun too!

Jared and Abby taking a ride down the sledding hill

Jesse, Eric, Leica, and Bitty arrive from Ohio!

A Cowboy Packer rivalry is brewing!


Abby is a Blue Healer rescued by Jana and Jared in Alabama.

Chester's coat matches the kindergartners tied hats this year

Chester has a warm coat!

Abby and Chester trying to navigate in the snow

Easy getting the tree into the house through the screen porch.

Now we definitely know this tree is LARGE.

Jared loading it up!

This is when I started to think perhaps this tree is big!