Saturday, August 20, 2011


The beginning of the end of summer! How do I know?

  • Peter is officiating the pentathlon in Marinette-the unofficial beginning of girls' swimming.

  • Cheater tomato plant is almost done, other plants are producing nice red tomatoes.

  • My classroom is ready and I am about to fill the aquarium and purchase the first fish.

  • One week of water arobics left.

  • Contemplating a "last hurrah" trip.

  • Wondering about my school wardrobe and even thinking of ironing.

  • I have muscles.

  • My hair is bleached by the sun.

  • I am tired of potato salad.

  • I have an inverted bowl of Elsie's pickles in the frig.

  • I am on my last "summer book"

  • Listened to a Packer game last night.

  • Brewers are a least 7 games ahead. (Well, that doesn't happen every summer)

  • I have 4 new tires on the car.

  • The corn is high and green.

  • The apples in the back orchard are there.

  • I am thinking about last year and Jana and Jared's wedding.

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