Sunday, July 10, 2011

Annual Fireman's Picnic

Dad: Outstanding fireworks last night once again. Lots of mosquitoes if you weren't in the crowd to share the wealth. The parade was today and it was hot and humid as always. About a half an hour into it a thunderstorm arrived. I was safe at home listening to the bands from down the hill and listening to the rain on the roof while I remained inside and dry. Awoke today to find that the birds have eaten all but three of our cherries so I picked those for a snack. I walked down into the orchard to check on the cherry trees there and the cherries are ripe and plentiful. Planning a little trip after dark? Screen porch progressing slowly since painting was interrupted and things got a little wet. 3:00 getting back to it after a trip to the park for a burger and some music.


Haley said...

Finally got that burger!

Mom said...

I miss you.