Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Deer

Arrived at about 4:30 to be sure I got my spot as usual. Set up my blind and watched all the other hunters arrive. Lights in the woods which I thought were only yards away but were a long way off. Opening day-6:45 am. Thought I heard a noise comming from down the hill on the new trail that they have begun to use in the last couple of years. turned to face the right direction and the buck appeared out of the mist only 15 yards away. I put the scope on his neck and thought about it, then remembered last years miss and moved it just behind his shoulder and shot. He just disappeared noise nothing and I thought I was dreaming. Got up and walked down the hill a bit and there he was. I'd hit him high and severed his spine so he was dead on the spot. It had to be cut up right away because it was 64 degrees yesterday and 60's today! One day of hunting this weekend because the varnishing had to be done on such a beautiful day! I was really shocked when I heard Peter walk in the door at 7:15 this morning! WOW! The fireplace and the porch ceiling both won out over HUNTING!